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About ACE Fitness

ACE is the largest nonprofit health and fitness certification, education and training organization in the world.

Our Mission

ACE’s mission is to get people moving.

Our Vision

ACE envisions a world in which obesity and other preventable lifestyle diseases are on the decline because people have been understood, educated, empowered, and granted responsibility to be physically active and committed to healthy choices. In 2011, ACE articulated a vision: by the year 2035, the obesity epidemic will be over, and the professionals we certify, support and represent will have substantially contributed.

What We Do

EDUCATE and certify thousands of health and fitness professionals annually, supporting them in providing safe and effective exercise instruction to millions of individuals.

DEVELOP and distribute publications, continuing education and university curriculum programs that provide comprehensive certification and education solutions for individuals entering the health and fitness field and professionals building their expertise.

SERVE as America's Authority on Fitness® by equipping health and fitness professionals and the public with credible information, resources and research on safe and effective fitness products, programs and trends.

CONNECT members of the public with well-qualified health and fitness professionals so that they may be empowered to reach their health and fitness goals safely and effectively, and achieve greater quality of life.

BUILD collaborative relationships with policymakers nationwide and leaders in the health and fitness industry so that we may effectively advocate for a preventative system of health in which people from all walks of life have greater access to physical activity experiences.

Across the Profession

ACE serves as a leader in the health and fitness industry by creating and delivering quality certification programs and continuing education options, and by partnering with colleges and universities on curriculum programs aimed at educating future professionals. We also serve as an advocate for our profession among policymakers both independently and through our work as a founding member of the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals, a nonprofit established to secure recognition of registered exercise professionals as health providers so that they may make structured physical activity more accessible and safe for all.

Health Coaching & Behavior – Change Counseling

Research has proven time and again that instilling healthy behavior patterns, nutrition and physical activity is the key to achieving sustainable, healthy change. ACE is leading the movement to making those services more accessible to people from all walks of life by offering the only Health Coach Certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and by partnering with organizations nationwide that are working to incorporate behavior-change services into the places where people work, live, play and go to school.

For the Public

As part of our mission to increase access to unbiased, science-based health and fitness information, ACE provides consumer friendly information to the public online and through partnerships with leaders in nonprofits, business, education and healthcare. That information, anchored in expertise from physicians, psychologists, registered dietitians and healthcare providers, gives people from all walks of life the resources they need to pursue their own journey to sustainable, healthy change at no cost.

What Keeps ACE Moving Forward