8 Fat-Free Yummy Jams and Preserves

Start 07/11/2017

Broadly speaking, preserves are fruits, and sometimes vegetables, prepared for long-term storage. Fruit preserves are made from fruit juice, pulp, skin and seeds, sweetener and pectin (a natural gelling agent), and have lots of body and texture. The other one jams contain both fruit juice and pieces of fruit (pulp, skin and seeds) and typically are less chunky than preserves, while still offering plenty of texture. These 8 fat-free jams and preserves for healthy living are best to create a quick, sweet and nutritious breakfast.

Orchard's Finest Pacific Mountain Strawberry Preserves

Orchard's Finest Pacific Mountain Strawberry Preserves from Smuckers transforms a childhood favorite into an elegant delight. With balanced, fresh flavor and large pieces of whole fruit, you might find yourself wanting to eat it straight from the jar. Use it as a glaze for fruit pizza or as the perfect spread for a gourmet grilled cheese. Delicious as an ice cream or yogurt topping and to use on waffles and pancakes instead of syrup.

Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves

Made with only the highest quality raspberries, Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves are rich and delicious. Their Raspberry Preserves are incredibly smooth and easy to spread. Perfect for spreading on toast, pastries, topping ice cream and yogurt or using instead of syrup on pancakes or waffles. They can even be used as an ingredient in special recipes.

Apricot Peach Premium Preserves

Harry & David's Apricot Peach Premium Preserves are a delicious treat. Two of your favorite summer fruits come together for a taste of the orchard in these sweet, fragrant preserves. Start your day with a taste of summer goodness any day of the year! Spread on an English muffin, spoon over yogurt or ice cream, or use as a glaze in your favorite fruit tart. These delightful preserves make a great gift too!

Blueberry Pomegranate Deluxe Preserves

Start your morning off with a gourmet fruit preserve that is different and delicious. Blueberry and pomegranate combinefor a flavor that's both rich and bright. Enjoy on buttered sourdough toast, serve on pancakes in place of syrup, or combine with cream cheese and serve on a cracker. This Harry & David gourmet fruit spread is good anytime!

All-Natural Organic Strawberry Spread

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The All-Natural Organic Strawberry Spread is simply sweet, bright and refreshing. The essence of fresh strawberries shines through in this delicious spread that’s lower in sugar than most. It makes us want to eat it straight from the jar, and it’s just as amazing in pastry recipes, smoothies, yogurt and more. Each jar is handcrafted in small batches with care and quality that you can taste in every bite. Delicious fruit jam crafted in small batches just for us.

Harry and David's Pick 4 Fruit Spreads

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Does each member of your family like a different flavor of fruit preserves? Rather than asking your family to settle for second best, why not buy a unique jar for each of them. With Harry and David's pick four fruit spread option you can choose four different and equally delectable options. These premium preserves make the perfect accompaniment to almost any breakfast treat. Choose your favorite for each day of the week from sweet and traditional preserves with chunks of tasty fruit and tons of flavor, rich chocolate fruit spreads, and yummy marmalades and gourmet curds. You're sure to find the perfect flavor to start your day.

Harry and David's Pick 4 Fruit Spreads

Wolfermans Fruit Preserve Sampler

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Bring an extra touch of sweetness to your English muffins, crumpets, pancakes, and much more with fruity gourmet preserves from Wolferman's. In this sampler Wolferman's included four jars of premium preserves, each featuring irresistible berry flavors—like strawberry, triple berry, blueberry, and raspberry—plus the Wolferman's signature spreader. Bring a little bit of sunshine to your breakfast table. Let the kids pick out their favorite kind or swap out a different flavor every other day of the week.

Simple Truth Organic Fruit Spread Four Fruit

Simple Truth® Organic Fruit Spread Four Fruit combines organic raspberries, organic strawberries, organic morello cherries and organic red currants into a delightfully tasty spread. This product is free of high fructose corn syrup, is certified USDA organic and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. You can't beat the price for an organic product that contains four different organic ingredients within it. With a refined palatte you can distinguish between all four flavors. A delcious and delectable spread.