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Ways to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

We seem to be having a very mild winter, but when it gets cold, it can be difficult to stay warm. With these easy to follow tips, we'll show you how to stay warm in cold weather: Add Layers - It's easier and faster to warm yourself than it is to quickly change the temperature in a room. Instead of just turning up the thermostat, add another layer of clothing. Wear a Hat & Socks - Remember when you were younger and your mom always told you that you lose all of your body heat through...

Get Fit and Have Fun With These Winter Activities

Did you create a New Year's resolution on January 1st? Did you resolve to lose weight or get in better shape? Would you like to find new and creative ways to exercise this winter that don't involve running on a treadmill or going to the gym? If you want to add a little excitement to your exercise routine consider the winter sports and activities listed below. You are guaranteed to burn calories and have fun. 1. Sledding When that big blanket of snow falls in your neighborhood grab a sled...

Interesting Hotels for Your Next Vacation

One of the easiest ways to save money on your vacation is by using rewards points. You can earn them by staying within the same hotel group consistently, getting big bonuses by signing up for credit cards (just make sure you use them responsibly), or participating in special offers that the rewards program periodically sponsors. The biggest trick is brand loyalty so you can amass a lot of points in one program. One program that we love is the IHG Rewards Club. IHG, or the InterContinental...

Stay Warm During Winter Hikes

Now that we've rounded the corner of the winter solstice and the days are beginning to get longer again (thank goodness), we're starting to get cabin fever. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I need to spend as much time outside as possible. It's still below freezing around here, though, btu I'm not sure I care. I'm ready to take advantage of every extra minute of sunlight, so I am going to need some heavy-duty outerwear and accessories for hiking in winter. First, we need a warm outfit. I...

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